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Actor Jeffrey Nortey Reacts To Ekow Blankson''s Claim That 'New Crop Of Actors Are A Bunch Of Joke

Ghanaian actor Jeffrey Nortey has responded to Ekow Blankson's claim that new crop of actors in Ghana are a bunch of jokers.

Ekow Blankson made this statement few days ago during an interview with SSTV , reported.

Jeffrey Nortey,undoubtedly one of Ghana's best young actors is quite saddened by this 'unpleasant' statement uttered by Ekow.

He posted on Facebook; 

'It is sad that this is coming from someone who has been in this system for sometime. A film is interesting from the script to be produced and the ideas the director wants to see. Film picture makes it interesting. An actor’s role is only to bring to life an idea and a vision of the director and writer. Yes some actors can be bad interpretors. But if a director likes what they give him or her, the world sees. Hence an actor can be bad in some movies n do brilliantly in another bcus the other director was able to do justice. Bunch of people trouping the cenima cos of actor A, that is what interesting is about.  Growing up i was never particular about Ekow Blankson as an actor, not to dispute the fact that he has made a mark in the industry . Having seen him in only one role which earned him the AMAA nomination i got endeared to him.So for him to say this, is really heart breaking.
For him to even go on to refer to kumawood as a concert party put into film is also surprising. How many kumawood movie sets has he been on? There are english scripts to be acted in the local languages. Maybe the set he was on did what he said but does he have to just do a generalization?  Yes no doubt about it, so many people are using divers means to become popular and tagging themselves as actors. Is it my fault as an actor that some directors or producers feature them because they are trending for frivolous reasons. Is it my fault that some media people are giving them platforms to project their emptiness. Some of us, have been through thick and thin, a lot of us nearly gave up. We are working not only to make fans and family proud, but putting gh on the map and inspiring others. It has not been easy but is part of the plan.
You could have encouraged the few who are doing well, than  to generalise it because of the spoilt nuts you tasted....
A big shouts to derm hard working guys' - Jeffrey Nortey 

I think it is unfair to make such a statement about hardworking young actors. Ekow Blankson,you were once a young actor trying to succeed. Would you have been happy if a veteran actor at that time made such a comment about your profession?.

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