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BEAUTY : Spot Your Face Shape And It''s Fitted Hairstyle - Mine is Number 4

Am not sure but I think I got the Square face shape. Or perhaps the Round face ?..

Spot yours and take note of the suitable hairstyle for you.

1) ROUND- The most flattering hairstyle on a circular face is long flowing hair with an uneven cut because it
creates the illusion of length.
Your haircut should ideally lay a few inches below the chin
and longer. Long, choppy layers work really well for a round face as they make it appear
slimmer.You don’t want the layers to be too short, as they will add volume to the side of the face, emphasizing the roundness. Opt for long
side swept bangs that graze the cheekbones to create the most dramatic angles. Waves are
flattering on everyone and work really well at deflecting the roundness of the face.

2) LONG - Long hair doesn’t flatter long faces, so if you have super straight hair and a long face, you should think about creating more width by adding bangs. These will alter the appearance of your long locks creating the illusion of it
being shorter. Bangs flatter every kind of face, and those with long faces are lucky because they
look great in any of them. Short hair frames long faces really well which means the ultra-trendy long bob (aka the lob) haircut would be ideal
for you. Chin-length bobs also would suit your face as they create width. If your heart is set on long hair, make it wavy to help balance out
the length of your face.

3) HEART SHAPED - If you’re blessed with a heart shaped face,
then long side swept bangs are for you. Due to heart shaped faces being wider at top, side swept bangs soften the wideness and even out your
face. The bangs will draw attention away from the wideness of the head and let the focus fall on your beautiful eyes. Allow the shortest
pieces to hit your face at the arch of your brow, no shorter as they will draw attention to the
top of the heart. Make sure your stylist doesn’t cut your bangs too short as they won’t suit your
face shape. Ask them to cut them dry rather than wet as hair tends to shrink when its dry so if cut wet it’ll appear longer.

4) SQUARE -  Women with a square face look wonderful with long poker straight hair as a strong angular
jawline needs length to soften the harshness.

It’s also known that you ladies with square faces are the most photogenic, so consider yourself
lucky! Adding a few waves to the ends of the hair is also flattering as it helps obscure any severity in the jawline. Long bobs look especially well on square faced beauties as long as they’re not cut bluntly right at the chin. Hair that is shorter at the back and longer at the front
(think Victoria Beckham’s haircut circa 2008) will help steer the attention away from any
boxiness. Shoulder length hair also looks lovely on a square face shape.

5) OVAL -  Oval faces look great in any hairstyle, so get creative and experiment! You can even afford
to go for a super short pixie haircut, so don’t be afraid to take a few risks. With an oval face you’re guaranteed to pull anything off. Try a
bob hair cut to show off your perfect chin and cheekbones, or long beachy waves with a center part.

Basically, every other face envies you as you could have a different hairstyle and length every day if you wished (with the help of

What is your face shape ?. Share with us 

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