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Can Kanye West Disrupt Drake’s Monopoly?

Something BIG is about to happen.
Drake and Kanye West set to release albums in the same month?.

Will Kanye West be able to stop the 'monster' he helped create as he has boldly decided to battle Drake’s monopoly head-on in the free market?.

The rapper, Marxist theorist, and sporadic Twitter obsessive announced on Thursday that he will release a seven-song album on June 1, as well as a joint album with Kid Cudi on June 8.

This news came just two days after Drake announced his next solo album, Scorpion, will also debut in June.

The confrontation will serve as a kind of stress test of the competitive markets, showing whether any rapper has the ability to impede on Drake’s dominance. Perhaps these two artists were destined for such a clash.

I cannot wait for the ratings..Who will lead in terms of sales?.

I am definitely rooting for MiDrake...

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