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Lesson Of The Day: Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday.....

From Pentefel Literature Department.-

'Sometimes you meet this lady,absolutely beautiful! Then you see her husband or lover and you go like,'' what did she see in him? Shaka zulu is even better''. Or one cute guy,u see his lady....as3m oo. And u keep askn,''What did he see in her??''

Before you go analysing peoples choices,have you asked youself what Christ saw in you? A holy person,who knew no sin? Who was secured in heavenly places? Came down because of you? He didnt care how 'deformed' you were. He didnt care how much sin had draped you. Behind all that,he saw a soul that needed rescue. The love he had and still has for you exceeds mere looks. If he were to consider your dents and unattractiveness and dirt,he wouldnt have come down! Cos you werent evn visible to ur own self. But that kinda love,the one you cant explain. That kinda love that sees through the sin and sees the sinner. He came and shared that love with us. Thats our saviour Jesus Christ. He made a choice,and it was because of you ' ---------- Pentefel Literature Department.

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