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Top Ten American Drama Series..Compiled By Afia English

I love movies and I know you do too..I started watching American Series not log ago.I must admit that I was never a fun of drama series.
I use to watch only short movies but one day I tried watching one drama series and since that day,I have become a big fan..Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O’brein , Paul Wesley, Joseph Morgan, Emily Vancamp, Magdaleine Stowe, Nina Dobrev, Kat Graham, Michael Makarley, Harvey Specter,Mike Ross among others are some of my favourite actors and actresses..
I have watched not less than twenty American drama series and the list below constitutes my top ten American Drama Series.
2.        SUITS
4.       GOSSIP GIRL
5.           REVENGE
6.      TEEN WOLF
8.        SCANDAL

GAME OF THRONES : The word for this series is "SPECTACULAR". Talk of storyline,costume,picture quality, cast etc , everything is just so on point. Game of thrones is just the BEST.

SUITS : OMG Harvey Specter and Mike Ross,the best television 'bromance' I have ever seen.  I thought Scott and Stiles of 'Teen Wolf' had the best bromance until I watched Suits. Mike even went to prison for Harvey *love and loyalty *. Jessica Spearson's costume thou 'excellent '.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: ELENA is , was and will always be the Vampire Diaries chick..Stefan is my favourite and I got pissed when Stelena was cancelled, I mean how? Elena and Stefan were the duo honestly..i never and will never ship for Dalena..Stefan and Elena’s chemistry was so excruciating, so tight like chewing gum,hehehe..For a minute, you may think Stefan and Elena were dating off set..They made me want to fall in love,aawwwww…….I like Damon too but charley, I never liked him for Elena..How on earth can you hook up with your brother’s girl?.

GOSSIP GIRL: wow do you know Gossip girl was the first American drama series I watched?...Serena and Dan were my favourites..Popular socilaite Serena made out with commoner Dan Humphrey..They broke up, Dan dated Serena’s bestfriend Blair Woldorf, and finally Serena and Dan got married…Do you remember Blair and Chuck Bass?..Chuck Bass , a rich womaniser who have had a taste of half of Manhattan ladies,and he changed when he fell in love with Blair ex-girlfriend of Chuck’s bestfriend…The Gossip Girl that they all searched for was actually Dan Humphrey, SHOCKER right?

REVENGE: Emily Emily, herhhh charley that girl can act…She was able to deceive everyone including the devil herself, Victoria…I loved that Emily ended up with Jack,her chilldhood crush..Emily was the chick, a very bad chick, a trained wreck.. She reallly fits her character..Emily and Victoria were absolutely brilliant.

TEEN WOLF: Who doesn’t love Scott Mccall? Even the most powerful wolf hunters of all times,The Argent Family were tamed down by him…And there is Scott’s bestfriend Dylan O’brien as Stiles Stillinski,very cute and funny..Teen Wolf happened when two teenagers Scott and Stiles went to look for a dead body one night and Scott got bitten by a wolf , and then he turned..You’ve got to love Stiles.. I remember one scene in season 4, where Scott and Kira  trying to delete evidence, almost got caught by Scott’s father..Stiles tried distracting Scott’s father in order to buy more time for Scott and Kira and this is what happened between them;  “Hi Dad, I think I have an idea about the case, my thinking was, I think , am thinking my thinking is yeah” lol..And there is also Derek,my favourite,my crush actually lol..Derek Hale was a good leader..He taught Scott how to manage his wolf side..Derek was never afraid to give up his life or power to save his loved ones..Scott loved him a lot.. I remember a scene where they all thought Derek was dead after their fight with the Alpha Pack.. Scott wasn’t healing because he felt very heartbroken by Derek’s death.. Teen Wolf has the best Title show I have ever seen,wowwww.

PERSON OF INTEREST- I told a male friend I watch ‘Person of Interest’ and he was like ‘like seriously?’,, so I asked ‘ei, why?,is something wrong with that?’..Then he said, he is just shocked because Ladies do not normally watch those kind of non-romantic movies… I laughed and said, ‘ am not like most ladies’ lol..Person of Interest is a science,crime, kind of movie..Where there is crime, there exists detectives, and Taraji P. henson plays the main detective whom in search of the ‘vigilante’ ,became part of the ‘vigilante’s’ game..She became allies with Fench and Mr Reese played by Jim Caviezel, the man who played ‘JESUS CHRIST’ years ago in THE PASSION OF CHRIST…Fench is the smart scientist who has built a machine that tracks pertrators and victims..It monitors every citizen so when your number is up, then Mr Reece and Shaw comes to your rescue if you the victim, and catch the criminal if he or she is the pertrator..Ruth, my female favourite was quite the girl, very smart and played very very well. 

SCANDAL : Shonda Rhimes is bae.There is never a dull moment when it comes to Scandal. Great storyline,great characters, etc. I love law and politics so you can understand why I love Scandal. And Kerry Washington is just phenomenal, and my Jakes Ballard *wink*.

THE BLACKLIST-  Raymond Reddington, wowww the smartest criminal ever..This man can even make a joke out of the FBI..His connection to Elizabeth Keen is yet to be uncovered but personally, I think Elizabeth is his daughter..A friend also got surprised when he learnt I was watching The Blacklist and reason is, most ladies do not watch this type of movies,,and like I said earlier on , am not like most ladies lol..Tom Keen is Elizabeth’s husband whose job was to get married to her and protect her later fell for her and after all that he did to her, she couldn’t stop loving him,awww LOVE.

THE ORIGINALS- A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, features NiKlaus , one of my favourite’ve got to love Klaus..He is the most strongest snd ruthless vampire ever.A hybrid, he never dies ,although there is a weapon that can kill him and his siblings.

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