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Why Is Ghana's First Telenovela Called 'LUCIANA' and Not 'AKU, AFIA OR EMEFA'?....Written By Afia English

I just do not get it. Why?

Why should a movie production in Ghana come out with a Telenovela titled 'LUCIANA' but not 'AKU,AFIA or EMEFA?'

I mean why would you choose to name a Ghanaian Telenovela by a Mexican name? Is it lack of 'CONFIDENCE' ?

Ceejay Multimedia, please why this name 'luciana'?.

 Do you know why Wizkid,Davido and Tiwa Savage are out there rolling with Drake,Meek Mill,Jay-Z ,Omarion etc?. Because they are staying TRUE TO THEMSELVES, and not imitating them.

 Why do you think Drake jumped on Wizkid's Ojuelegba and not one of Dblack's songs? . Think about it.

If you rap in english ,they do better ,so be yourself. It worked for Sarkodie and it can work for you. Nothing sells more than ORIGINALITY.

Naming your telenovela 'Luciana' will not automatically get you massive viewers. If the movie is good,people will love it.

Ghanaians loved 'YOLO'