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Members Of PepperDem Ministries Are Not Feminists : They Are Just A Group Of Radical Feminists( Man Haters)....Written By Afia English

Members Of PepperDem Ministries Are Not Feminists : They Are Just A Group Of Radical Feminists( Man Haters)....Written By Afia English
Pepper Gang Ministries are just a group of RADICAL FEMINISTS.
They are not 'FEMINISTS' .

Tell them AFIA ENGLISH says so.

The Theory FEMINISM is just basically about equal rights and opportunities for both sexes ,so any gender that tries to fight superiority over the other,is just going contrary to the basic principles of the theory.

It bothers me when most people term 'Feminists' as women who hate men because it is not so.

In 1970’s, women started developing this theory (feminism) which helped to explain their oppression.

However, by 1980’s, feminists started disagreeing on particular issues linked to feminism. What was once one theory began to branch out into many theories that focused on different feminist issues.

Today, there are many definitions of feminism as there are different types of feminists.

So before you say you are a feminist, its expedient to first know and understand the type of feminist you are and where you pick your ideologies from.

Radical feminism promotes the basis for many of the ideas of feminism and it was propounded by Mary Daly.
They usually clash with the ideals of liberal feminists, because radical feminists believe society must be changed at its core in order to dissolve patriarchy, not just through acts of legislation as argued by the liberal feminists.

Unfortunately, this type of feminism attracts a lot of negative media attention creating a backlash of feminism. These feminists believe that the domination over women is the oldest form of oppression in the world because it spans across the world, oppressing women of different races, ethnicities, classes and cultures. Radical feminists want to free both men and women from the rigid gender roles that society has imposed upon them, they want to overthrow this system by any means possible. Sometimes radical feminists believe that they must rage a war against men, patriarchy, and the gender system which confines them to rigid social roles.

 They completely reject these roles, all aspects of patriarchy and in some cases they reject men as well.
These type of feminists hates men and they reject womanhood to some extent. Do you know that hate the fact that a woman has to get pregnant?  That's why they advocate for abortion.

In any case,how is it any one's concern if a woman cooks for the husband?

I just do not get it. What is the debate all about?.

A wife cooks for her husband and you some stranger out there seems to disagree and you go about social media making unnecessary noise and pinning men against women.
What right do you have to tell someone how to run their home?.

Radical feminists ,We are tired of you people and your aggressive/wrong way of empowering women.

You guys have being deviating from the basic principles of the theory 'feminism' and you've brainwashed people into thinking Feminists hates men which is so untrue.

Guys , just know the difference;  FEMINIST - WE CAN DO IT but the RADICAL FEMINIST  - MAN HATER.

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