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Stonebwoy 'Cautions' Zylofon Media's PRO : 'Tell Willie Roi To Apologise'

Is this one of their stunts?.

It seems there is still some sort of 'tension' between Stonebwoy and his label team mates. 

Willie Roi took to facebook to make certain 'unpleasant' comments about Stonebwoy a while ago.
Few hours later, the PRO of Zylofon Media released a statement condemning the act and they disassociated themselves from Willie Roi's comment.

But it seems Stonebwoy is pissed. He just posted this on twitter;

'PRO Arnold, kindly Cut the Press Release sermon. It is just WISE For Willi Roi To Render an apology To BHIMNATION And the Entire EWE people For The Disrespect..'

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