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Some Ghanaian Musicians Are Still Underground Because OF The Names They've Chosen...Written By AFIA ENGLISH


I wrote this piece in 2013,when I had just started blogging. Those whose names were mentioned never liked it. Some of them were angry.

One attribute of Gh musicians "They see an advice as a hate comment".

Sadly,all the artists I mentioned are still underground, some have given up on music. One got a VGMA nomination this year,but that artist is still struggling to be on top.

As an artist,u may undermine the showbiz name you choose but trust me, it works sometimes when every other strategy fails.

Do you remember in 2012 when Shatta Wale got angry at the VGMA's because of an award that he claimed he deserved but went to Kaakie?.

We knew Bandana but majority of the Ghanaian populace had no idea he had rebranded and was called 'Shatta Wale'.

... And we heared an artist called 'Shatta Wale' has scattered some things at VGMA,it was interesting and every one wanted to know this guy called 'Shatta Wale'.

You remember the normal street phrase 'm£ shatta wo'. It describes an action that is sort of 'aggressive'.

And 'Shatta Wale shattered VGMA', u see the thing?.

An artist who just behaved 'aggressively' and is called 'Shatta'. It CLICKED,and that was it.

Shatta Wale's showbiz name coupled with his 'aggressive' action (which defines his first name 'Shatta') that night helped him to get his new brand out there.

Patapaa has no idea how great his name is,looking at his kind of songs.

Patapaa, why do you think Sarkodie said "if anyone knows branding ,they will realise 'that Patapaa brand is STRONG' ?"

His kind of 'crazy' songs just blend with his showbiz name and that is why I got a little disappointed when Patapaa announced he wants to be called Patapeezy. He has rescind his decision thou.

Dear upcoming artist,Just remember, before you sell a brand,a name is the first thing you show the buyer and it tells a lot about the product that you are selling.

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