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DATING : Why Do Men Look At Other Women?

Why do men look at other women? It’s a question plaguing countless women.

Personally, I wonder why most girls freak out about this issue. I think it is a normal phenomena.

I understand how hurtful it can be. You’re out with your guy, you’re having a nice time, and suddenly you notice his attention has shifted. 

You look around and see his eyes are fixed on a gorgeous girl walking nearby. And with that, the entire mood shifts.

You suddenly feel unattractive and low. You’re no longer having an enjoyable time with him, you just want to ring his neck. You may tell him outright that you’re upset, or you may go the passive-aggressive route and insist nothing is wrong when clearly something is.

So is he just a big jerk who can’t control himself? Is he a sex-crazed deviant? Or maybe you’re just not hot enough for him, is that it?

No. Relax.None of these are the case.

Here is the truth about why men look at other women:


Honestly, it’s more of a reflex than anything else. There isn’t much thought that goes into it. They’re not looking at some other girl thinking, “Man, I wish my girl looked like that.” We’re not really thinking anything, we’re just reacting and it’s really not much more sinister than that.

Men are more visual. It starts when they hit puberty and basically never stops. There’s something exciting about seeing an attractive new face… or attractive new body, something they haven’t seen before.

In fact, science proves that men prefer novelty while women prefer familiarity. That means women are attracted to faces they’ve seen before while men are most attracted to faces they’ve never seen before. 

All it takes is seeing that face again for his interest to drop, so the girl he’s checking out right now won’t ever be as appealing as she is right now.

These things are biologically programmed into them the same way chickens are programmed to freak out if they see a shadow of a hawk (even if they or their parents or their parent’s parents never saw a hawk in their life).

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