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Will The Double Intake System For New Entrants Into Public Senior High Schools (SHS) Spiral Down 'Congestion' In certain Schools?.. Written By Afia English

Government has adopted the double intake system for new entrants into public senior high schools (SHS) beginning September 2018.

No matter what, Education is Key  So why would some people oppose to certain policies designed to improve our education system?

Free shs is barely a year so  infrastructure is still a challenge.

According to President Akufo-Addo, the 2018/2019 academic year will see a 31% increase in the population of new students entering senior high school, that is 472,000 new entrants, which still leaves a deficit of some 183,000 Hence the need to build more classrooms, dormitories etc.

“Unfortunately, we have not been able to increase the infrastructure as rapidly as the number of entrants. But if you are prepared to find a way, you will find that way, and we have found a way to be able to absorb this intake. We call it the Dual Intake System that is going to allow us, on a semester basis, to address the challenge of this new population,” the President said.

This policy will also employ new teachers ( probably from NABCO ) so it will not put pressure on the already existing teachers.

This system has been tried elsewhere and it works, so let's all be patient and optimistic.

This system will definitely spiral down the congestion found in most senior high schools across the country.

It will because if for example, a senior high school admitted 20,000 students last year and as a result, faced congestion, the double intake  will this year allow the school to admit 10,000 each for two semesters and consequently,it will reduce the pressure. 

Senior high school students are currently on vac and the buildings are just there, empty .

Is this not a good initiative? 


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