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Selena Gomez Opens Up About Depression & Anxiety

The thing called called 'Depression' , not a good thing. 
Selena Gomez opened up about a lot of personal things in a few new Instagram live chats with her fans on Sept. 21 and 22 and one of the topics included depression and anxiety.
 The brunette beauty looked casual with her hair up and no makeup during the stream and revealed some helpful words of advice about what she does when life gets her down. 
“So a lot of you asked about anxiety and depression on my live yesterday,” Selena said in the live chat. “And I want to suggest a song for you to listen to…if you like it, no worries if you don’t. As some people know, I like to listen to worship music and this song, in particular, makes me feel like I’m talking about that feeling. You know, like, I’m not going anywhere, I’m just showing up but it’s really hard to not get worked up or upset when you constantly feel like you’re doing the right thing and you’re showing up for people and you’re wanting to be, you know, nice and you’re doing all this stuff but you’re like, ‘Why am I not feeling good?'”

After Selena finished explaining how the song makes her feel, she introduced it to her viewers. The gem is called “This Girl” by Lauren Daigle and before she played it on her TV for her fans to see and listen to, the “Wolves” singer gave a quick introduction. “So here’s the song I feel like I get to sing to Jesus, but Lauren did too so…just listen, see if you like it!” It didn’t take long for fans to express their joy for the song as it played and they thanked Selena for being there for them.
This is just one of many times Selena has reached out to fans using social media. Her most recent live chat also made headlines when she gave advice on how to forget someone in the midst of her ex Justin Bieber‘s engagementand recent marriage rumors. She explained that sometimes you don’t want to forget someone and it’s a good thing to think back on the memories of what that person brought to your life.

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