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Veteran Singer, Shina Peters Gives Reasons why Tiwa Savage went on her Knees to Greet him

Wow.. Well Done Tiwa Savage.

Few days ago, a picture of Tiwa Savage kneeling down to greet veteran singer Shina Peters , went viral.

Speaking in an interview with Sunday Scoop, Shina Peters cited reasons behind Tiwa's show of respect.

According to the singer, he wasn’t surprised when she went on her knees. It isn’t the first time, he said, adding that her children will reap the fruits of her humility. Noting that he also bows to greet people that are older than him, he stated that humility is what he always preaches.
He stated;
"This is what I always preach. Tiwa Savage showed that she is very humble and respectful and that is how it is supposed to be. When I meet people who are older than me, I also bow before them.
I wasn’t surprised she did what she did. Whenever we meet at concerts or shows, that is how she greets me. In life, whatever you do, you will reap it later. Her children and people who came after her will celebrate and respect her too.”
"I am enjoying now because of what I have done in the past and I will continue to pray for all them for showing me respect. When some of these younger ones make money, they lack respect.
I don’t demand anyone to kneel down for me, but if you feel I deserve it, I am okay with it. I do that to people too and it is part of our culture. If you look at the photo well, you will see that I quickly lifted her up. I was also not comfortable with keeping her on the ground for too long."

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