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Drake's Baby Mama Chimes In On Beef With Kanye West

I thought this Kanye/Drake feud was over??

The mother of Drake's son is also supporting her man. *Kim , u figa say you only go fit fight for your man?*lol

 After the Shade Room shared a screenshot of  Ariana Grande tweet, Sophie took it upon herself to set the record straight about what is really going down. The painter wrote, "I would hardly call Kanye arguing with himself 'grown men.'"

On Thursday night, Kanye West told his over 28 million Twitter followers that "Drake called threatening me." 
His wife, Kim Kardashian, then went on Twitter on Friday to warn Drake not to mess with her family.
 "Never threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake," she claimed. 

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