KNUST students build robot that repels mosquitoes


Congrats to the team.

Biomedical Engineering students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have built a robotic mosquito repellent.

Second-year students, Joana Owusu-Appiah, Selinam Fiadjo and Daniella Asare call the robot ‘Anquito’, coined from ‘anti’ and ‘mosquito’.

“We realize there are so many measures to kill mosquitoes but we thought to ourselves, is it a problem of mosquitoes living or the fact that they’re in our space?

“Somebody is his room with mosquito coil and net but when there is light out, he goes out for fresh air and gets bitten.”

“What can we do for people who are outside their rooms and getting fresh air” they thought.

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