Lydia Forson and Co, Biased and Perhaps 'Confused' Feminists?.. Written by Afia English - AFIA ENGLISH

Lydia Forson and Co, Biased and Perhaps ‘Confused’ Feminists?.. Written by Afia English

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The President of Ghana made a brutally honest statement about women during the 2019 Women Deliver Conference and some radical feminists aka man haters are angry and throwing tantrums.

Let’s break it down. This is basically what President Akufo-Addo said

“women can actually do better, most women have concentrated on a particular project in which we can actually do more “. He means we should do more action instead of only talking.

Radical feminists aka man haters seem to disagree and they are throwing needless tantrums. What is wrong with the President calling on women to avail themselves and utilize opportunities to take up political leadership positions?

FEMINISM is basically about Equal rights for both sexes, a fair fight,matching men boot for boot, but some women think they have to be given positions in government just because they are women.. Wouldn’t that be bias towards men hence defeating the main purpose of ‘feminist movement’?..

Some of these critics parading themselves as feminists have no idea what dey are fighting about…

These radical feminists are deviating but they do not seem to realize it.

Are these women just biased or plainly confused?. Lydia Forson mostly seem to talk only when a man is presumed to have made a bad statement about women but she keeps quiet when a woman does something wrong.. Lydia, are you really fighting for equality for both sexes?

Do the likes of Lydia ‘radical feminists’ really understand the main objective of feminism?..

What will actually be ‘equality’ for both sexes if the woman wants to just sit idle and be given a position in government just because she’s a WOMAN?..

Equality for both men and women but u want to be favoured?.

Thinking you deserve a position just because you are a woman defeats the whole purpose of ‘feminism’..

It is about equality and not being bias.. It’s about a ‘fair fight’, matching men boot for boot.. Or uv forgotten  the anthem dear ‘feminists ‘what men can do, women can do better?..

Madam Ursula Owusu, Minister for Communications is where she is today because she fought boot for boot with the men. She debated with men on morning shows. She strived for greatness. How many female politicians compete with the men every morning on talk shows?.

How many women are active politicians?.

You are not making the move but when the men fight and win power, you want to be given a position in government just because you are a WOMAN..

Oye Lithur is an advocate for women today?.. Such Double standards.. This was the same woman who signed the montie 3 petition to release men who threatened to rape women. See her:

Women, gone are the days when women had no right to formal education. There are no restrictions now. Go for what u want and fight with men boot for boot.

A man should allow u to be given a position..Can u hear Yourself woman?..u sound Weak and Vulnerable…

Who is stopping you from grabbing yaself some power?..

Yabr£ mo ne women empowerment conferences.

Are women not empowered enough..?..

Making noise on social media is not enough. Make some damn moves girl 🙆..

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