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smart energy management and energy saving syste


energy monitoring & efficiency management platform



the energy monitoring and efficiency management platform is based on the technologies of internet management and control, focusing on energy, network, data and users, including monitoring and management of process and operation for users' energy supply system,  realizing the overall optimization of production capacity, energy network, and energy system, achieving the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection. it has the characteristics of local/remote online real-time monitoring, fast data transmission, functional modular customization services, and intelligent data analysis and management. it is widely used in places such as large energy consumers, large-scale enterprise parks, smart manufacturing factories, universities, hospitals and other places.


microgrid system


micro-grid is a new type of network structure consisting of power supply, load, energy storage system and control devices. it combines new energy power generation, energy storage, internet of things, big data, ai smart and other technologies, providing clean, safe, reliable and intelligent energy supply. with self-control, protection and intelligent operation management, it can not only be connected to the grid and operate in isolation,  but also supply power movably in emergency, and input diversified energy (wind, light, city power, generator) . it is widely used in industrial data centers, communication base stations, power vehicles, isolated islands, border posts, modern agricultural greenhouses, etc.


charging swap station


charging and swapping station is an energy station that provides charging and rapid replacement of power batteries for electric vehicles. as an important supporting infrastructure necessarily for the development of electric vehicles, it has very important social and economic benefits. the construction of the charging and swapping station combines charging management, energy management, internet of things, energy storage, artificial intelligence and other technologies to create safe, efficient and intelligent charging/swap services. the power station provides two modes of vehicle charging (fast charging, conventional charging and slow charging) and fast battery replacement. it is widely used in industrial parks, large-scale shopping mall parking lots, centralized parking stations, high-speed service stations, urban transportation hubs and other places .

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